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TootseeRoll is a Botox Son, Grandson of Lil Joint, and Great Grandson of Big Bucks He’s a Beautiful Structured Big Rope Merle🧶carrying a phenomenal DNA, Carries Tri, 1 copy of Testable Chocolate, 1 copy of Blue, 1 copy of Cream, 1 copy of Flufffy, 1 copy of Merle, and 1 copy of Brindle

🧬ay/at B/b D/d E/e L1/l1 N/m K/N

Early Intro Lock-in⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Only 10 spots available at $5,000 (Paid in full)

There’s only 2 spots left Price is Going Up once all 10 spots are filled.


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